6 - 8 March 2018 | Toulouse, France

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Top 10 News Stories on Remote Sensing, Imaging and Data Handling for Satellites

To help you to keep up-to-date with the latest news, Transport IQ has produced an exclusive report compiling the stories over the past few weeks regarding Satellite Sensing that you may have missed! Download the full report for free here.

Interview with Armando Marino Lecturer at the Open University

What improvements have been done in handling large amounts of data? What is left to be done? To what extent are machine-learning methodologies applied to the interpretation of remote sensing images?

Learn the answers to these vital questions, with this exclusive interview with Armando Marino, Lecturer at the Open University in the UK.

Download the full interview for free here.

Report on Data Processing Optimization for Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery mainly focuses on images of the earth and other planets collected by satellites or spacecraft. Because satellite images are digital images, they can be processed to obtain meaningful information. Satellite imagery processing is usually divided into three main categories: image rectification and restoration, image enhancement and information extraction.

Expand your knowledge in this area, with this exlusive report - download here.

Microsoft about their challenges in terms of commercial satellite technologies

Matthew Smith, Solution architect at Microsoft Digital answers all questions here.


Report on can we bring satellites closer to earth

Near-space offers promising new remote sensing applications inspired by recent advances in this technology. Results from existing near-space systems and simulations suggest that near-space platforms can lead to new exciting remote sensing solutions for government and commercial sector. However, there are many technical challenges ahead.

Find out more in this exclusive report - download here.

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Press Release for Satellite Sensing

Download the Press Release for the upcoming conference Satellite Sensing.